Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ten Month Review

Obviously I'm not a blogger by any means because I've neglected to keep up on our life for the past ten months! I can't believe it's been that long, time has just flown by! Well here is a quick month by month recap of what we have been up to :)


We spent Christmas with my family in Florida! It was so great to experience some warm weather in the middle of Winter and to be able to go to the beach!!



We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! One year into our grand adventure...many more to go!

We went up to Log Haven for dinner and it was so soo good!


We said goodbye to a college friend, went to General Conference, and a best friend's wedding (YAY MA!)
The majority of L6 saying goodbye! #collegebesties


Probably the best (and most stressful) part of the year was buying our first house!!! We moved in the beginning of May and have been making non stop improvements since then!

Just enjoying a celebratory dinner after signing all of the papers to our casa!

Nothing like moving in a rain storm and having to having to dry your mattress in your family room...

 Or living with utter chaos and out of boxes for weeks on end...
Or eating lunch from pots because you can't find any of your dishes...yeah I guess you could say moving is great ;)

Since moving in we have painted non stop! I think we actually got to the point of recognizing the workers at home depot because we were ALWAYS at the paint counter.


 Our first project was the master bedroom. I love how the navy blue and gray turned out. Also adding some furniture helped out too :)

The biggest project we tackled was the kitchen cabinets. When we first moved in the walls were a light shade of orange which combined with the wooden cabinets and outdated handles was NOT a pretty sight.


We jumped on the band wagon for chalk painting and are pretty proud of the results.

Within the first month of moving in the oven went on the fritz and had to be replaced, not to mention the air conditioner went out AND the hot tub stopped working. #joysofhomeownership Sam likes to joke that the house owns us more than we own the house and sometimes I think he is right!

Another project that I am really proud of is the fireplace tile! When we moved in the walls in the family room were light orange and green so we painted it a nice light blue/gray but after we did so it made the pink tile around the fireplace stand out like crazy! After some research on pinterest (what in the world did people do before pinterest!?) we figured that we could handle tiling it ourselves.

Here is the tile before:

Goodbye Pink tile and hello new fireplace!

I'm learning that when you get behind on blogging it is kind of crazy to catch up. Coming up next: Skales' Summer Adventures (besides house projects).



  1. I think your house is so cute! Love all your colors and things. Moving. Oh moving. We're living out of boxes right now (well, trying not to) and it's so chaotic. I don't ever want to move again... though I don't think I want to live in Stanford student housing forever... so that might be a problem.

  2. Yeah it's so rough!! I'm glad you guys made it safely and found a nice place though!!! How's everything been going so far?