Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ten Month Review

Obviously I'm not a blogger by any means because I've neglected to keep up on our life for the past ten months! I can't believe it's been that long, time has just flown by! Well here is a quick month by month recap of what we have been up to :)


We spent Christmas with my family in Florida! It was so great to experience some warm weather in the middle of Winter and to be able to go to the beach!!



We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! One year into our grand adventure...many more to go!

We went up to Log Haven for dinner and it was so soo good!


We said goodbye to a college friend, went to General Conference, and a best friend's wedding (YAY MA!)
The majority of L6 saying goodbye! #collegebesties


Probably the best (and most stressful) part of the year was buying our first house!!! We moved in the beginning of May and have been making non stop improvements since then!

Just enjoying a celebratory dinner after signing all of the papers to our casa!

Nothing like moving in a rain storm and having to having to dry your mattress in your family room...

 Or living with utter chaos and out of boxes for weeks on end...
Or eating lunch from pots because you can't find any of your dishes...yeah I guess you could say moving is great ;)

Since moving in we have painted non stop! I think we actually got to the point of recognizing the workers at home depot because we were ALWAYS at the paint counter.


 Our first project was the master bedroom. I love how the navy blue and gray turned out. Also adding some furniture helped out too :)

The biggest project we tackled was the kitchen cabinets. When we first moved in the walls were a light shade of orange which combined with the wooden cabinets and outdated handles was NOT a pretty sight.


We jumped on the band wagon for chalk painting and are pretty proud of the results.

Within the first month of moving in the oven went on the fritz and had to be replaced, not to mention the air conditioner went out AND the hot tub stopped working. #joysofhomeownership Sam likes to joke that the house owns us more than we own the house and sometimes I think he is right!

Another project that I am really proud of is the fireplace tile! When we moved in the walls in the family room were light orange and green so we painted it a nice light blue/gray but after we did so it made the pink tile around the fireplace stand out like crazy! After some research on pinterest (what in the world did people do before pinterest!?) we figured that we could handle tiling it ourselves.

Here is the tile before:

Goodbye Pink tile and hello new fireplace!

I'm learning that when you get behind on blogging it is kind of crazy to catch up. Coming up next: Skales' Summer Adventures (besides house projects).


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday Boy

K so I know it's pretty mushy to write a whole post on this great awesome husband of mine but I don't care you're getting one anyway!

If you knew me you would now that I H.A.T.E.D dating in college. So much so that my mom literally bribed me with riding boots if I would go on a certain number of dates in a month. Ridiculous I know. So what does this have to do with Sam? 

With Sam it was completely different. I had so much fun on our dates that it wasn't a chore anymore. He was always making me laugh whether it was intentional or me laughing at the fact that he literally ran every stop sign on one of our first dates it was so so fun. 

He ALWAYS made me feel important and genuinely cared about whatever I was going through and he showed an interest in things that I liked doing (proven by his willingness to run a half marathon with me and multiple races since when he hates running).

He went out of his way to help me with anything. Whether it was making sure I ate lunch when I got stressed, or getting rid of a wasp nest from my car mirror I knew I could always count on him.

Fast forward to almost a year into our marriage and all of the little things that I loved back then have grown exponentially! I am so thankful that I have #eternyty (Don't worry the spelling on that was intentional) of adventures with him and that I get to experience all the ups and downs that life has to offer with him. 

Since I love lists so much and since Sam is turning 25 I thought it would be oh so creative of me to highlight my 25 favorite memories with him.

1. On one of our dates you made me stand in the rain so you could be a gentlemen and open my door. 

2. When we were dating and we rented Roger for the day and he went and peed in my room.

3. When we went to the zoo in Colorado and Utah and you bought me a souvenir from both.

4. After I barely met your family I crashed on the mountain bike and you took care of me and bought me every kind of bandage available.

5. When we went to the butterfly pavilion in Colorado and we worked so hard to get a butterfly to land on me but they would always just land on you.

6. When we spent the whole weekend together in St. George and hiked Angel's landing.

 7. When I took you to your first rodeo.

8. When you helped me with all of my Pinterest crafts.

9. When we got snow cones at least once a week in the summer time, and how you always make fun of me for saying that I never got my "last snowcone" of the year before the closed.

10. When we spent the day at the park in matching clothes.

11. When we would try and sneak the leftover apple dip into the other person's lunch and I thought I got it into yours but you really sneaked it into mine when I wasn't looking.

12. How we compete at who gets the other person the best Valentine's card.

13. How you always bring me flowers and chocolate/gelato after I've had a bad day.

14. When we ran the color run together.

 15. When we went to Switzerland and explored all of the really cool castles :).

16. When we wandered the streets of Venice to find the best deals on souvenirs only to find that everything was cheaper in Florence.

17. When we hiked in the alps.

 18. When we spend date nights at the movies.

19. Whenever we go out to eat we play 100 pics while we wait for our food.

20. Whenever we want the other person to do something we always say, "But you're the best at _______."

21. All of our road trips to Colorado :)

22. Whenever I get nervous/stressed/sad you send me pictures of cute puppies or animals because you know that I LOVE them all.

23. How we always give recognition for the other person doing chores. 

24. When you used your "grumpy" persona with your lumberjack beard.

25. But I think that my favorite memory is definitely January 2. For obvious reasons :D

I love you Sammy Sam and I hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

. : Skales : .

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Frenzy

Wow! Time is just flying by, I can't we're already one month into Fall! I think the Fall season is my favorite time of year. Well I take that back it's tied for first with Spring ;). But seriously what's not to love about a season that kicks off the pumpkin obsession, is home to one of the only holidays that's all about eating food with family, and that is sooo BEAUTIFUL everywhere?

Anyway we started the Fall season off with Sam officially becoming a Utahn :).

He is suppppeerrr excited to get rid of those Colorado plates as you can tell^^

We went to October's General Conference as part of our wedding traditions (we decided that we would try and go to one session of conference since we got married and so this was our second time going).

We picked our pumpkins from a cute little pumpkin patch and carved/decorated them to perfection. His name is Bert and as a side note we came back from our trip to Colorado and he was completely moldy and disgusting.

I'm still not sure how we managed to kill a pumpkin after four days.... I'm pretty sure they're supposed to last longer than that right!?

We went to Colorado for the weekend so Sam could go to the one Bronco's game a year that wasn't on a Sunday. We had so much fun spending time with Sam's family playing football in the backyard, eating yummy food all the time, and going to a corn maze!!

For Halloween Sam and I raided our closets and decided it would be super duper easy to dress up as a Lumber Jack and Jane and WA-LA there you have it. I think it took me longer to find that fake beard and suspenders than the time we were actually in those costumes but at least we were festive for a little bit right?

Everything about this Fall has been the best! I really don't want it to end <sighs heavy> but I guess there are some good things about Winter like hot chocolate, layers, and snuggling up and watching movies.

That being said I have to say that I'm a little nervous for Winter to come. Sam and I went to throw the football around a couple weeks ago and it was WAYYY too cold. I'm pretty sure we lasted all of five minutes. 

So yeah that could be interesting in about a month....

. : Skales : .

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't test these BeStIeZ

The countdown has officially begun. My BESTIE gets home in less than a week, 6 more days to be exact, and I could not be happier. In honor of this happy day next week I thought that I would give her a nice long shout out in the blog to document some of my favorite memories together.

That one time we became BESTIES on our study abroad trip and then traveled to Italy together. 

 That one time you showed me all the freshmen things to do at BYU and so we went and took ridiculous pictures at the BYU sign the first day of school. 

That one time we thought it would be a good idea to hike Timp at midnight and then realized how wrong we were. #downpour #attackofthemoose #soooocold


That one time you reminded me that no matter how old I'm turning on my birthday Taylor Swift will always be a year older and might even write a song about my age. 

^^ This picture has absolutely nothing to do with that day but it was worth including :)

That one time we went to a few football games but EVERY basketball game so that you could see Tyler Haws. 

(Let's not forget how you were scared to get a Flu shot so I got one too to make you feel better)

And then we stalked Tyler Haws and followed him out of his class just so you could get this picture...

 That one time we realized that my dad brought me back the same hoodie from Peru that you bought for yourself there. 

 That one time our Black Friday shopping consisted of us getting out of the car and realizing the line to target wrapped around the building so we just took a picture and then went home.

That one time we took road trips to Las Vegas and California!


 That one time I found this little gem saved on my phone from you.

 That one time you talked me into running a half marathon and we didn't take any pictures until we got back to my office.....

And then we were so proud of our accomplishment that we always wanted to wear our shirts so that everyone knew we were "runners."

That one time we did a photo shoot after church....

That one time we left Linford #6 forever....

That one time we skyped ALL the time when I was in Chile and you were waiting to leave on your mission...

And let's not forget your proudest accomplishment...

That one time you told Sam I liked him and took credit for our getting married.


<3 you Lush!